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Artists / Works


This year Olohuone presents seven artworks from the following artists: Benedict Slotte, Anna Matveinen, Normaaliparat (Peppi Reenkola, Sanni Saari), Satu Karhumaa, Outimaija Hakala & Timo Takala, Jaakko Lilja, Improvisation theater Juju (Sinimaria Tomperi, Markus Kaustell). In addition a piece in collaboration with Rauma Triennale, created by Karoliina Suoniemi, Jukka Herva and the 5th grade of Rauma freinetkoulu.

Traditionally artists and art pieces can also be found in the festival clubs 6. & 8.6.


1. Benedict Slotte: Proportiones absconditae

This music and photo piece encourages to notice the hidden proportions in music, architecture and graphic art. It describes both harmonically and graphically the long-term trend of simple ratios to more complex ones.

Behind the Sibelius museum
6.-8.6. klo 11-19. Audio every 30 minutes.


2. Normaaliparat – Peppi Reenkola, Sanni Saari

In their art Normaaliparat explore paranormal phenomena such as telepathy and telekinesis. They challenge people to pause for a moment and offer a new form of communication. In the telepahty-tent you will see performances and also get to try out your own paranormal skills.

Brahenpuisto park, next to Tuomiokirkko
Telepathy tent klo 12-17, performances klo 13 & 15


3. Anna Matveinen: Lounge of Losing

”Sometimes it feels like nothing works. The world falls apart and strangers look like demons.”

An oasis for those who long for rest, sweetness and transformation. For a moment you can close your eyes, have some chocolate, breathe lavender scents and have a glass of bubbly.

Samppalinna park hill
7.6. klo 12-18
8.6. klo 12-18


4. Jaakko Lilja: Oneiroskooppi

Oneiroskooppi offers poetic and mind twisting puppet theatre for the viewer. This peeking booth shapes the reality with optical revelations into dreamlike pieces.

Aurajoki, Itäinen Rantakatu side
6.6.-8.6. 11-14 & 15-18


5. Karoliina Suoniemi, Jukka Herva & Rauman Freinet-koulun 5.-luokka: Tylsyyden maa, eräs ankeuden aikakausi

Joint piece with Rauma art museum

”Adults think that boredom is good for you but for children it is the end of the world.”

The 5th graders of Rauma Freinet school ponder the value of boredom and create a land for it in this audio drama

Brinkkala yard 7.6.-8.6. & Turku library music department 2.-28.6.


6. Outimaija Hakala ja Timo Takala: Katkoviiva

Katkoviiva parallel to the borders, walls and fences built around the world to limit entering from one country to another. The sculpture is executed using the ecological and thousands of years old rammed earth -technique

6.6.-30.6. Vartiovuori park


7. Improvisaatioteatteri Juju: Odottavan laulu
Sinimaria Tomperi, Markus Kaustell

Waiting is an in-between space, a pause and an opportunity to think. We wait for the bus, Föri ferry, for people and solutions. Juju wants to celebrate the essence of waiting by moving around the city improvising songs about waiting.

7.6. klo 16-17 Föri ferry & klo 17-18 Läntinen Rantakatu
8.6. klo 12-13 Bus station, klo 14-15 Föri ferry & klo 15-16 Läntinen Rantakatu


8. Satu Karhumaa: Portable Soundscapes

You will hear this temporal sound piece if you notice the sticker leading to the piece, scan the qr-code and listen to the soundscape selected by the random generator. The experience is defined by the surroundings and the equipment of the listener.

Various locations